Strategies for helping your people and organisation be more resilient

covid 19 resources
Strategies for helping your people and organisation be more resilient

We have brought together resources for business leaders to help you manage effectively through challenging times.

Collaboration Forum

We are exploring enterprise & market resilience during COVID-19. Read key takeways from our virtual forum for business leaders.

Resources for Business Leaders

People Safety, Productivity and Success People Safety, Productivity and Success

  • Remote Working Security SolutionsOne way we are assisting our clients is to help them enable remote working safely and securely.  Cyber security threats remain prevalent and are evolving to exploit our changing working patterns and approaches.  We can help you by assessing your remote working infrastructure and operating model to identify key risks and design and implement pragmatic remedial solutions.
  • Microsoft Teams Enablement: Protiviti’s Microsoft Teams Enablement Solution provides organizations with a clear, defined path for a successful Microsoft Teams rollout. This multiple phased approach allows organizations to define where Teams will fit in their organization’s existing business processes, ensure technical platform readiness and user readiness. 
  • Effective Change Delivery Throughout Uncertain TimesOrganisations must rapidly enhance their ability to deliver change through remote and highly distributed teams. As a global consulting firm, Protiviti’s existing infrastructure provides a robust basis for supporting remote delivery of highly complex tactical and strategic business change.

Technology Enablement Technology Enablement and Resilience

  • Virtual CISO ServiceA virtual CISO service is a fully-managed service designed to bring the skills of many cyber security experts to bear against your traditional and emerging cyber security risks. A set of core activities will be packaged for you and harmonised into simplified board level messaging on overall cyber security posture.
  • Enabling Rapid Transformation: In periods of massive disruption, it is hard to remain focused on strategic initiatives. This transition is easier for organisations with a high level of digital maturity. If transformation efforts are appropriately targeted, return on investment is high and the payback can be counted in months or even weeks.  Now, more than ever, is the time for organizations to invest in their future.
  • Rethinking Work with Automation: Increasing levels of automation has been a strategic priority for many organizations over recent months and years. These organizations have realized they could not compete with born digital companies, delivering the experiences customers and employees expect, at the margin customers demand, without eliminating unnecessary manual processing. During these unprecedented times, the understandable reaction for many will be to consider cutting back on automation initiatives to help manage cashflow.  Although, now, more than ever, is the time for organizations to hold their nerves and to invest in the future. 

Resilient Operations, Continuity and Supply Chain Resilient Operations, Continuity and Supply Chain

  • Active Assurance: Active Assurance (AA) is the practice of combining continuous control assessments performed by internal audit or other assurance providers; and risk and control monitoring activities typically performed by management across the lines-of-defence.
  • Remote Backlog Processing & RemediationOur proven ability to take ownership of a clients processing backlog or remediation challenge, run it remotely whilst also improving processes with the view to transitioning the activity back to our clients on a global scale set us apart. We have an out-of-box service that can deployed in days and tailored over time, as necessary.

Crisis Management and Response Crisis Management and Response

  • Rapid Problem-Solving Workshop: One way we are assisting our clients is with access to our innovation, industry and digital leaders working collaboratively to find solutions to the challenges you are facing. Let us help you learn from leading practices we are seeing across industries and rapidly develop actionable and viable solutions through a virtual collaboration workshop.

Governance, Financial Discipline and Liquidity Governance, Financial Discipline and Liquidity

  • Working Capital Optimisation: Working capital diagnostic workshops are very effective working sessions, facilitated online, which enable remote working leadership teams to come together, dissect and understand current challenges and align on key priorities.
  • Fraud Risk Management: Coming soon

regulatory-actions Regulatory and Government Actions

  • A Call for Action in Vulnerable TimesThere is expectation for all financial institutions to increase their focus on identifying and assisting vulnerable customers during these challenging times to achieve fair customer outcomes. This presents an opportunity for firms to increase their reputation as being a trusted lender, which can result in an increase in loyal customers and market share. 
  • Regulatory Programme AssistanceRegulatory programmes present senior management with a variety of challenges – many of which require experienced regulatory programme managers who can bring insights and experience.  We can help you successfully navigate your regulatory risks in a time of heightened uncertainty and changing circumstances.
  • Controls Redesign: Coming soon

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