Enterprise Information Management

Enterprise Information Management
Enterprise Information Management


Executives now see that data is not only a corporate asset, it is a competitive advantage, yet studies still show 40% of all business initiatives fail due to inconsistent, incomplete or duplicate data. And there’s a price to pay for these deficiencies - with sharp increases in costs, compliance risks, delays, inefficiencies and decreased customer satisfaction.


In addition to these challenges, companies are also managing enormous amounts of data. With the explosion of Big Data initiatives and the Internet of Things (IoT), the data and analytics challenge only gets more complex. In fact, a recent IDC report predicts that the Digital Universe will grow to 44 zettabytes of data by 2020.


As companies generate more data, the question becomes how to hone in on the important facts and turn those facts into valuable insights.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

data modeling

Data Modeling

To have a successful EIM strategy, data modeling standards and approach are essential. Whether your technology source is Oracle, SQL, HANA or any other database, we will walk you through the requirements gathering, analysis, validation, and modeling process, as well as help you decipher which modeling approach works best for your Organisation.

data integration

Data Integration

Whether a new system implementation, an upgrade or consolidation of disparate sources, data integration isn’t easy. We understand what it takes to be successful. From extraction, cleansing and validation to implementation, our integration process is detailed and proven.

data migration

Data Migration

Considering transferring your data to a different storage type, database or upgrading? Let us help you! Whether you are migrating to or from hardware, upgrading a database, or installing new software, our experts make your data migration seamless by making sure your data and scripts are mapped to the system data for a harmonious migration.

data quality

Data Quality

When important business decisions are being made based on the data you have at your disposal, the demand for reliable data is critical. Your data must be clean, precise, and comprehensible. We provide end-to-end data quality solutions that include discovering, defining, applying, monitoring, and measuring progress.