Inventory Management, Sales and Operations Planning

Inventory Management, Sales and Operations Planning
Inventory Management, Sales and Operations Planning


In a digitally connected world, quality decision making and responsiveness are more important than ever. Customers’ heightened expectations for product availability, accuracy and fast delivery means that running a merely good S&OP function is no longer acceptable.  Understanding new digital channels, on top of existing physical channels, is critical to understand where inventory sits and what it will cost to deliver it to customers. Supply chains grow ever more complex as a result of more extensive networks of suppliers, third-party logistics providers and inventory partners.


Trends such as globalisation, product proliferation, channel diversification and market volatility mean that managing the supply chain is no longer a back office responsibility. Executives of today’s best-in-class companies are bringing Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) into the center of their organisation resulting in reduced costs, growing top line revenue, and enhanced their value to customers.  These leaders are pushing their S&OP process beyond simple demand-matching of supply to Integrated Business Planning strategies (IBP).


We are here to help your organisation build and maintain a best-in-class S&OP function. Utilising industry knowledge, our methodologies and leading practices, we commonly help clients create improvements of 20% to 50% more accurate forecasts, a 10% to 30% reduction in inventory, a 5% to 15% reduction in manufacturing downtime and a 5% to 10% increase in on-time delivery. We achieve these results with you by developing a deep understanding of your organisation and goals, then collaborating across business functions to create one plan using a predictive process model that drives priorities and higher performance.


We tailor our approach to incorporate industry expertise and leading practises that are applied in the context of what fits your business and objectives.  The result is a customised S&OP that drives change management and continuous improvement in the following areas.

Linked Integrated Plans

We help you identify conflicting incentives between functions and through the enterprise-view, and drive discussions that align your organization in a common direction.

Coordinated Cross-Functional Teams

We partner across stakeholders to align your sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing, logistics and inventory teams through regular demand supply meetings.  Operators, planners and commercial teams meet more frequently to manage the day-to-day demands of the function. 

Clear Governance and Decision Rights

We help you assigning key decision making roles, allowing your company to be responsive and nimble in making quick and timely decisions with an end-to-end view.

Enhanced Operational Plan Stability

Utilizing disciplined schedule requirements for supply and demand plan updates provides you a customized threshold of acceptable tolerance for variances within the forecast vs. plan creating confidence in forecasts. 

Root Cause Capability

We collaborate with you to establish and encouraging feedback loops for lessons learned and adjustments that allow for the planners to be the controllers of the process to initiate decision-making.