Business process transformation initiatives can bring many unwanted challenges without the support of a well-planned, detailed and executed change management approach.  From people, to processes and technology, change starts at the top with strong leadership and a unified vision to mobilise & develop strong leading forces from the outset. Cascading down, it requires middle management and front line involvement for companies to achieve sustained benefits. A robust, integrated Organisational Change Management (OCM) program is critical for the success of organisation-wide transformation projects because it will:

  • Provide a clear picture of what the Business will look like after implementation (change vision)
  • Develop an approach for the change journey (change strategy and plan)
  • Provide details of what needs to be done during the journey to build knowledge and skills (e.g. planned change interventions for dealing with the consequences of change impacts, communications, job redesign, and training)
  • Identify key process and role impacts and mitigates them through communication and targeted education sessions that are focused on job roles and functions
  • Create willingness and ability to operate in the new environment
  • Implement the plans with the Business and measures results (user readiness / acceptance and benefits realisation).

Our adaptable change management approach focuses on understanding the case for change and providing a clear picture of what the company will look like after implementation.  We work with executives and other leaders to develop a change journey inclusive of targeted stakeholder management and communication, talent management, and HR processes to reinforce new behaviors and sustain change. With an emphasis on how the changes will effect people, we identify key process and role impacts and mitigate them through communication and targeted education sessions, creating willingness and ability to operate in the new environment.

  • Lead change planning from conceptualisation and design to governance and sustainability
  • Assessment of where projects are on the continuum of change to ensure success
  • Advisory services on change leadership development
  • Recovery from lack of employee adoption of the change
  • Assistance with communication plan, training, and governance