Telehealth Solutions

Telehealth Solutions

Faster access to care. Better outcomes. Expansion of reach. Reduction of cost. Increase in patient satisfaction. The accelerating demand and use of telehealth have caused healthcare organizations and patients to reevaluate how care is delivered. Our team of seasoned healthcare professionals has the skills, mindset and experience needed to help you design a new, or redesign an existing, telehealth program. Our multidimensional approach enables healthcare organizations to mitigate risk while delivering optimal, revenue generating and compliant telehealth services.


Enabling You to Customize Your Focus

  • Increase automation and connectivity, build resiliency, and focus on what matters most to your providers and your patients — Bring structure to strategic and tactical planning, working collaboratively with our telehealth experts to agree quickly on key priorities and ensure a highly functional and effective program.
  • Pivoting and transforming patient care to improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes — Redesign processes, educate your workforce, monitor and manage workflows, and measure outcomes.
  • Embrace new ways to deliver patient care, increase your market share, and maintain and advance your margins — Implement and track key performance indicators such as productivity, efficiency, resource utilization and revenue.
  • Be prepared to lead as virtual care continues to be widely adopted by both patients and providers — Take advantage of the changing landscape and have our telehealth experts help you better understand how clinical care needs can best be met via telehealth using a variety of care models from urgent care to chronic care to home healthcare.

Protiviti has comprehensive experience with optimizing all aspects of a telehealth program with a suite of services for you to choose from: