Non-profit organisations have faced unprecedented change and increased public scrutiny in recent years.  Some associations have experienced a decline in membership and a shrinking pool of volunteer leaders. Public charities are dealing with slowing contributions from the public and reduced government funding. At the same time, there has been an increase in regulatory oversight. And private foundations, including family, independent, and company foundations, are facing stricter limitations around their activities than ever before.


Reputation management is essential for all non-profits. Leading non-profit organisations understand that governance is a collective effort and they ensure the board and executive management drive the organisation with a shared purpose consistent with the organisation's mission. Focusing on accountability, they ensure everyone is answerable for an obligation or willing to accept responsibility for their actions. And lastly, there is a push for transparency so it is easy for those inside and outside of the organisation to see how resources contributed to the non-profit are used.


Our experienced non-profit professionals bring significant operational and tactical expertise to their work.  Focused on working collaboratively with you, we assist in helping improve governance, accountability and transparency to drive performance and protect your reputation so that you can face the future with confidence.