Organisation Excellence

Organisation Excellence
Organisation Excellence


Protiviti’s Human Capital Consulting professionals help organisations in designing and implementing effective HR strategy and operating models. Our unique and integrated approach to Organisation Structure Design covers aspects like identifying which functions can be centralised, decentralised, or provided as shared services.

Our team works hand in hand with clients to develop an HR Strategy which builds a business case for HR excellence. The HR Strategy, Planning and Budgeting exercise will answer key questions like: Where are we going? How will we develop HR strategies to successfully get there? What skill sets do we need now and in the future? How to identify strategic goals that allow HR to become a business partner?

Further, our team enables clients to address their unique business/ industry needs and talent challenges by conducting studies to assess the need for current and future manpower through strategic workforce planning. Our main focus is on time, motion, and effort estimation to arrive at a work-load analysis. To ensure effective workforce planning, we identify unique roles and skills that our clients need for effective execution. Our proven Job Analysis methodology translates the major job factors into easy to use Job Description documents, which can be further used to define and evaluate employee performance and role expectations.

In order to strive for HR excellence, our team conducts an HR diagnostic study to design the journey that lies ahead for the organisation while encompassing people, HR processes and technology that needs to be transformed. Protiviti’s human capital consulting professionals specialise in implementation and conducting training on newly developed policies and procedures after putting a road map in place.

Through Cultural Audit & Climate Assessment, we identify and measure factors corresponding to employee engagement and cultural values to have an understanding of what will be critical in driving long-term organisational success, and bring them alive through focused change management initiatives.

Our Organisation Development solutions include:

  • HR Strategy & Policies
  • Operating Model Design
  • Organisational Diagnostic Review
  • Organisation Structure Design
  • Shared Services
  • Cultural Audit & Assessment 
  • Family Business Governance, Constitution and Business Continuity
  • HR Excellence
  • HR Re-engineering
  • Strategic workforce planning​