Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals


Life sciences and pharmaceuticals is one of the fastest growing and most highly regulated industries in the world.  Success is defined by the ability to innovate, manufacture and deliver products efficiently and safely, providing solutions that improve and prolong lives.  Critical in this process is navigating and complying with the wide and expanding body of laws and regulations globally.  In addition, as the connectivity of medical devices has grown, so too has necessity to ensure devices are secure from unauthorised access or manipulation. 


Leaders in this industry emphasise the importance of strong risk management and internal controls to provide them with confidence in the safety of their products, protection of proprietary information and compliance with regulations.  They understand and continuously optimise their supply chain to ensure efficiency throughout the manufacturing and distribution process.  And, they actively manage their business to prevent the margin erosion that can occur at any point in their processes, from product development through delivery, billing and collection.


At Protiviti, our Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical consultants collaborate closely with you to create tailored provide solutions that to strengthen compliance, improve the internal controls and drive financial performance.  We partner with global enterprises and emerging companies to help them confidently navigate in fast changing markets and become more efficient, secure, compliant and successful.