Financial Services


Disruptive technologies, evolving customer loyalty, and pressure to enhance economic returns, define just some of the challenges financial services organisations need to overcome by innovating and managing risks in order to succeed over the next decade. The dynamic regulatory landscape and increased emphasis on cost reduction only adds to the complexity of financial services organisations achieving profitable growth.


Protiviti’s global financial services team brings a blend of proven experience and fresh thinking through a unique 50/50 mix of “home grown” talent combined with former industry professionals, including risk and technology executives, commercial and consumer lenders, compliance professionals and financial regulators. As a major global consultancy, we have served more than 75% of the world’s largest banks, many of the largest and mid-sized brokerage and asset management firms, as well as a significant majority of life as well as property and casualty insurers, solving our clients issues across all three lines of defence of the business to meet the challenges of the future, today.


Protiviti's Financial Services team has expertise on the following services:

Asset Management

As an asset manager, you understand firsthand the challenges of market volatility while being expected to provide superior returns for investors. Demand from key stakeholders results in a particular need for strong management and transparency in order to ensure confidence. Our consultants assist you with improving performance in a controlled and efficient manner, ultimately driving operational excellence. 


While facing a dynamic regulatory landscape, customer engagement challenges, and disruption by fast-paced innovation and technologies, banks continue to aim to achieve growth and profitability.  Having served more than 75% of the world’s largest banks, we prepare you for unforeseen future events while strengthening your core business in a cost-effective and risk-sensitive manner. 


Developing new revenue sources and customer bases, while effectively managing cost and risk, require carefully crafted business strategies. Our consultants partner with broker-dealers and investment banks to improve operational models that need to address competitive market dynamics, increased regulatory oversight, and changes in risk-taking activities.


The global insurance industry faces challenges posed by increased market volatility and accelerated regulatory developments. Our insurance practice utilizes integrated teams of insurance accounting, risk management, business and technology advisory professionals to address your key issues and to unlock your company's inherent value.

Real Estate

The real estate industry has become engrossed in many obstacles not only limited to decreased property values, increased cap rates, and advancing debt maturities with limited refinancing options. Our professionals assist your organization in navigating this landscape while managing risk and improving performance. We provide an array of consulting services to address challenges across your finance, operations, information technology, audit, risk and compliance functions. 

Specialty Financial Services

In addition to traditional financial services-related challenges, specialty finance businesses are often subject to unique risks and scrutinized requirements. Protiviti's experts can help address these challenges across your front, middle and back-end processes to not only maximize efficiency in today’s challenging business climate, but also flourish as the financial markets stabilize and improve.