Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing
Data Warehousing


In today’s world of Big Data, Data Lakes and the Internet of Things, enormous volumes of data are being collected and stored in structured and unstructured formats. But how do you turn all that data into actionable insight? That’s where an effective data warehouse strategy is key.


We apply hands-on expertise to help you find the best approach – whether you’re just getting started or looking to assess an existing data warehouse that isn’t supporting your needs. We offer extensive experience in end-to-end solutions for developing, assessing, and optimising your data warehouse. We can help you evaluate and choose the appropriate tools, build and implement the right solutions, and ensure the availability of consistent, accurate and timely information.

Rely on a single version of the truth that provides decision-ready business intelligence. Let our experts get you on the path to a trusted and reliable Data Warehouse platform.

Data Warehouse / Data Mart Strategy Development

Your projects’ success depends on a solid DW design and architecture. We apply hands-on expertise with industry proven methodologies and strategies to build efficient, high performance schemas. We help you choose the right tools, employ the best solutions, and ensure your data is consistent, accurate and timely.

Data Modelling

To have a well-built data warehouse, you have to start with well-built models. Whether your technology source is Oracle, SQL, HANA or any other database, we will walk you through requirements gathering, analysis, validation, and the modelling process, as well as help you decipher which modelling approach works best for your organisation.

Data Profiling

Trustworthy data is essential for your data foundation. Data profiling is crucial in improving data quality in an organisation. With data profiling, we help you examine and collect statistics on your data. We then use this information to define/refine business rules, understand anomalies and classify data elements.

Data Mapping

How much of your data do you really need? Is it duplicated? Data mapping is an integral part of a successful data warehouse project. Mapping determines what data needs to be transferred from one system to another. Our data warehouse experts can help you build your data mapping documents to ensure you have all the data you need, where you need it.

Extracting, Transforming & Loading (ETL)

Using an ETL process, source data must constantly be moved into your DW to enable sufficient analysis. We help you carefully plan how to integrate data from multiple sources and aggregate it into your central repository. Our team is highly skilled in ETL solutions enabling you to optimise and populate data in a consistent and repeatable manner.

Performance Optimisation

Data warehouse capacity can quickly be depleted as data volume increases, leading to performance degradation and costly upgrades. Optimisation ensures that data loading and queries are within acceptable performance limits and are scalable. We can help you measure and analyse performance, then determine the best approach to maintain efficiency.