Business Transformation


Transforming to a public company is frequently underestimated by the board and management and can create a significant distraction amid the day-to-day business operations. The IPO process can overwhelm the underprepared organisation. In addition to the increased regulatory requirements and challenges related to the registration process, there are many questions to be answered:

  • Can we effectively manage the complex accounting and disclosure requirements?
  • Is our IT infrastructure scalable to handle our growth and increased regulatory requirements?
  • Are our key business processes and controls mature enough to handle the rigors of outside scrutiny and generate financial results accurately and timely?  Additionally, will they not impede anticipated growth?
  • Is our supply chain reliable and are the risks well managed?


Protiviti works with companies every day to answer these questions and put in place practical, cost-effective solutions to ensure your organisation comes to the public markets in the strongest position possible. Our solutions in finance, technology and the supply chain have helped private, newly public and existing public companies strengthen and streamline their business operations.   


We help you strengthen your finance function and integrate risk considerations into your performance management activities. We assist you in preparing for an IPO to manage complex accounting issues, as well as the implementation of process improvements for financial and reporting processes. In addition, we assist in the selection and implementation of enterprise performance management software applications to improve planning and forecasting. 


Our technology experts partner with you to ensure your organisation maximises the return on information systems investments, while at the same time minimising risks as you approach an IPO. Using strong IT governance to ensure alignment with business strategies, we drive excellence through the IT infrastructure and into the supporting applications, data analytics, and security. We also facilitate the selection and development of software, manage the risk of implementation, implement configurable controls on large ERP installations and implement governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software applications.  


Supply Chain
Supply chains have become increasingly complex as companies work to compete in today’s business environment. For companies preparing for an IPO or that have recently become public, this globalisation has led to continuous downward cost pressures and higher customer demands in quality, speed of delivery and overall performance. To help your organisation address these growing challenges and complexities, our team of supply chain consultants works closely with your key stakeholders to integrate industry best practises and tailor business solutions to meet your organisation’s goals and requirements. Our consultants take a holistic approach to managing the supply chain to assess, design and implement capabilities that enhance performance, reliability and control in a cost-effective and efficient manner.