Attack & Penetration


Systems are penetrated by outsiders, insiders and business partners – and the cost of a data breach can rapidly multiply. The sophistication of IT attacks is on the rise and the statistics are disturbing:

  • 75% of breaches are executed within minutes of initial internal network access
  • 92% of organisations are made aware of a breach via third-party notification
  • In 54% of cases, it takes companies more than one month to become aware of a compromise
  • 38% of organisations take longer than one week to respond to and mitigate a breach

Protecting sensitive data and systems helps organisations avoid costly breaches, loss of intellectual property, business disruption and reputation damage.


The power of Protiviti’s testing lies in the skills of our experts. We pool our talent to access proven technical skills and training that’s unmatched in the industry – going beyond simply relying on robust testing tools that only skim the surface of the complicated problem. Our holistic approach scrutinises the people, process and technology in your Organisation. This approach considers addressing the growing variety of attacks, including social engineering that targets employees, advanced persistent threats, internal threats, botnets, precision malware and attacks using social media technologies.  We can partner with you to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your key systems and data  – while at the same time balancing the costs and limitations that security controls can put on your Organisation. 


We provide solutions in the following areas:

Infrastructure Assessment

The “castle model” for infrastructure is still common in security practices, however if not continuously evaluated for vulnerabilities, it can quickly become ineffective. We help you see these vulnerabilities and build an infrastructure that secure and scalable to your business needs.

Application Assessment

Applications increasingly drive business value and are implemented not only by IT functions, but by business users. Applications running on insecure third-party or owned technologies are one of the most common vulnerabilities for an Organisation. We help you build a comprehensive view of these applications and ensure they drive value for you, but not hackers.  

Network Assessment

Unavailable networks in today’s world mean lost revenue and frustrated revenue and customers. However, just because a network is up and running, doesn’t mean it is secure. We help you ensure all your networks are secure and available, so that you can drive your business forward confidently.

Database Assessment

In a world of business intelligence, databases are often the home to an organisations most precious customer, proprietary and employee information. With internal and third party groups access the information for value, we help you understand database vulnerabilities and plan to keep the information accessible and secure.