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Organisations are only as valuable as the people working for them. As it has been widely documented, over 70% of deals fail to reach their full potential or even their 'basic' synergies — why is that? In almost every case it can be traced back to people, the one asset that continues to be underestimated in both value and impact.
This is where Protiviti’s human capital consulting, human capital advisory and change management services comes in. We can help organisations quickly identify challenges and "fit-for-purpose" solutions for the most important capital asset — human capital. Protiviti’s workplace design consultants not only show clients how to navigate the most common pitfalls, but also use predictive analytics to help minimise post transaction risk while also helping make the right people investments pre-announcement.
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Human Capital Planning Consulting Services:

Workforce Planning
Assessing your future workforce needs; we’ll identify the gap between where you are now and where you want to be – then we’ll help you get there.
Human Capital Resourcing
Providing the resources and capabilities to make your business proactive and profitable.
Change Management
Helping establish methods for coping with the continuous process of change, and supporting your organisation with shifts in strategy, organisational structure, policies, and business processes.
Workforce Succession Planning
Ensuring that employees are recruited and developed to fill each key role within the company. Providing reports and insight into your workforce to help you quickly identify gaps.
HR Transformation
Finding the right tools to help you build an engaged and motivated team that will deliver high-impact results.
People Development
Providing talent solutions to enhance organisational performance by addressing skill gaps, building leadership pipelines, and enhancing employee engagement.



How Can Protiviti Help?

We identify cultural incongruences by assessing operating protocols, wild cards, and most importantly, the impact of a cultural disruption to the bottom line of the target or acquiring organisation. Protiviti’s human capital professionals start the workplace management strategy by working side by side with the leadership team to assess talent across a wide spectrum of indicators. We then evaluate its impact on deal terms or determine most appropriate course of action pre- and post-transaction in the workforce planning process. People and culture are mutually exclusive and both are primary drivers in synergy identification, capture, and realisation.




Guide to Business Continuity & Resilience

In the current environment, businesses of all sizes and types are being tested in unprecedented ways by the COVID-19 pandemic. Operational resilience has taken on new urgency as the expectations of business leaders to lead resilience efforts, not by assumptions but with meaningful and substantiated data intensifies. It’s also important to remember that other business risks like natural and man-made disasters, technology risks, etc. continue to threaten business continuity.

Our Guide to Business Continuity & Resilience covers critical areas of business continuity and answers many pressing questions about BCM and related practices. Download your copy now.



Return to Work Considerations during COVID-19

Increasing numbers of employees are gearing up to return to work in Australia as government restrictions are lifted.

In this article, we outline five key consideration areas regarding new regulations and government policy, people and culture, technology, property, and vendors. The ultimate goal is to create a safe and flexible working environment as organisations reintegrate employees back to the workplace.


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Next Phase: Opening the Workplace

Leaders have spent the last several months stabilising their organisations as they work through the challenging circumstances brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Now that most senior executives have a better understanding of the environment, they are identifying opportunities to optimise the balancing of bringing employees back into the office in a safe but balanced approach.

In this article, we outline common questions the overall organisation needs to consider.


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Find Out More About Our Business Performance Improvement Services and Workforce Planning Solutions

Protiviti’s Business Performance Improvement professionals bring skills and expertise from a range of human capital consulting firms. We combine proven services and capabilities to enable lasting business transformation with sustained results. By assisting in the workforce planning process, reducing working capital and improving cash flow, as well as controlling and optimising costs while managing risk, Protiviti helps businesses smoothly implement changes and ensure that lasting benefits are achieved.


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