Sanctions Risk Consulting

Sanctions Risk Consulting

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Managing sanctions compliance in a time of crisis
Sanctions Risk Consulting


Numerous Challenges

Global sanctions, embargoes and other trade restrictions pose significant compliance, regulatory and reputation risk. On an ongoing basis, risk and compliance officers, in consultation with legal advisors, need to determine if their customer and partner data is up-to-date and complete, and if their controls are sufficient to both comply with regulations and keep up with the changing landscape.

Financial institutions need to understand the impact of sanctions and trade restrictions on their businesses, especially in times of crisis when they must respond very quickly to complex and evolving requirements.

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Our Sanctions Risk Consulting Services

Financial institutions and their clients must comply with an expanding list of complex sanctions and trade restrictions, often requiring that they pivot immediately to address new requirements. Protiviti can help financial institutions assess their sanction-related risks and advise them on the control environment and industry best practises for managing the risks of compliance with sanctions and trade restrictions.


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anctions Consulting Services

Protiviti assists financial institutions by enhancing their sanctions processes and controls in the following ways:

Perform Sanctions Risk Assessments

Enhance Sanctions Governance

Assess Screening Methods

Validate Sanction Screening Models

Provide Operational Support

Perform Sanctions Audits and Assurance Reviews


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