Although COSO 2013 does not have the force of law, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board has made it clear to the accounting profession that they expect the publicly traded companies that they audit to transition to the new COSO framework.  The updated framework has placed an increased emphasis on the need to perform fraud risk assessments and the analysis of risk as it relates to the Organisation’s ability to meet its objectives and the need to consider the potential for fraud.  This increased emphasis on fraud risk has expanded the conversation from fraud controls that are limited to Internal Controls over Financial Reporting to a more holistic examination of fraud risks posed by the company’s operations, employees and officers, customers, third parties and venture partners.   


As never before, companies are examining fraud risk, not just those that can affect any Organisation but also those that may be unique to a particular industry or their company in particular.  This requires the type of in-depth examination and coaching that Protiviti Forensic provides to its clients enabling them to consider a wide range of fraud risks better positioning them to detect them early, investigate and report instances of fraud and then address any control vulnerabilities that the fraud may have exposed.  


Protiviti Forensic brings both a real world understanding of financial crime and how the control environment was defeated to allow the crime to occur along with many years of experience in the evaluation and remediation of fraud risk frameworks.  These two combine in our ability to assist clients to take a strategic view to their risk of fraud that is pragmatic and yet highly effective.  

Related services include:

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

The core members of Protiviti’s AML Practice are former financial institution regulators, financial institution compliance officers, fraud and forensic specialists, technology experts, and individuals with hands-on experience working in financial institutions of all types. 

Data Management & Advanced Analytics

Protiviti's Data Management & Advanced Analytics team helps you access information already contained within enormous stores of data, fuse it with external data from third party providers and social networks, and integrate it with core business operations. 

Data Security & Privacy Management

Leveraging industry best practices, we provide expert-level data security and privacy solutions to FORTUNE 1000® and FORTUNE Global 500® companies in more than 20 countries. Our risk-based approach is more comprehensive than most because it focuses on creating a secure environment first.  For us, security is a focus – not an afterthought.

Financial Investigations

Protiviti’s Financial Investigations professionals work with organisations and counsel to protect enterprise value by independently uncovering the facts, reviewing and analysing complex financial information, and providing insight based on experience, expertise and proven investigative practices.

Fraud Risk Management

Protiviti’s Fraud Risk Management consultants help organisations build a solid infrastructure for evaluating, mitigating and monitoring their risk of fraud and misconduct. Protiviti’s consultants assist organisations with building sustainable fraud risk assessment processes and developing anti-fraud programs and controls to meet fiduciary and regulatory responsibilities.