Cyber Security Risk – Is Internal Audit Ready?

Cyber Security Risk – Is Internal Audit Ready?

Cyber security and the potential for cyber threats to disrupt core operations and damage brand reputation represents the third most critical risk for board members and C-suite executives worldwide, according to Protiviti and North Carolina State’s Executive Perspectives on Top Risks for 2018 study. This is also the top concern for audit leaders, which shows that IT security and incident response capabilities continue to dominate the CIO’s priority list.

In this webinar, we will take a look at why, given recent high-profile cyber attacks, data losses and regulatory expectations, it is critical for internal audit to understand the cyber risks faced by the organisation and be prepared to address the questions and concerns raised by the audit committee and the board.

Learning Objectives:

  • Outline why its important to change the way organisations think about cyber security risk
  • Discuss internal audit’s role in addressing cyber security risk
  • Outline 5 key components crucial to cyber preparedness
  • The key cyber security risks
  • How data breach legislation and GDPR influence an organisation's cyber preparedness

Event Speaker:

Director, Protiviti

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22 Aug 2018
12:00 PM to 01:00 PM AEST
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