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Transportation & Logistics

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As Change Accelerates, Agility Becomes Vital
Transportation & Logistics


Customers demand that we are “always on” and “always” instant and there is a global response to these expectations across all industries with transportation and logistics being the early mover. The digital transformation across this industry is well underway and expected to only accelerate within the next 5 years. 25% to 33% of this sector has reported that they are already at the advanced levels of digitisation. It is now more critical than ever to shift from tactical transportation management where lowest cost is the objective to utilising an effective transportation management strategy with data analytics being the key. Industry leaders know that understanding customer ordering patterns through the utilisation of both internal and external data sources to see across the supply chain is critical for ensuring demand fulfilment and survival amongst the competition.


Companies slow to make the investments may find it difficult to compete and this creates opportunities when can successfully maneuver through the ever changing industry dynamics.  Our industry experts partner closely to help you through sourcing and optimising of your transportation and logistics capabilities to continuously maximise agility while minimising cost. By understanding your business and needs, we focus on delivering practical solutions for overcoming legacy technology, exceeding customer expectations by transforming cultures and developing new capabilities at rapid pace while ensuring day-to-day operations continue during transitions.


We collaborate together with your organisation to value in the areas above through the following services:

  • Transportation Sourcing (Air, Rail, Truck and Ocean)
  • Route and Lane Analysis Optimisation
  • Process and Strategic Site Evaluation
  • Shipment Optimisation and Consolidation
  • Transportation Management System

Our approach is grounded in achieving two primary areas of value – a competitive edge in transportation and continuous improvement in the effectiveness of logistics. 

Data Analytics for Transportation

Data is everywhere.  Understanding what all your data means helps you in identifying process inefficiencies, controls that are broken, cycle times, freight cost, pricing comparison, and the best route to get from point A to point B.

Flow and Efficiency in Transportation

The driving factor of your warehouse efficiency is the ability to control the flow of your inventory by making sure the product is available when an order is placed and ships when the order is fulfilled.

Shipper of Choice for Transportation

Becoming a Shipper of Choice will ensure scalability, security on capacity, better hours of service for your carrier, and a lower rate of driver shortages.  The return is will result in better payment terms, faster payments, newer and better technology, and a better partnership between you and your carriers.

Network Strategy in Logistics

Developing the lowest-cost network that meets stakeholders’ performance objectives requires understanding the number of system tiers, number of facilities, location of facilities, service areas, and inventory policies.  We help you understand and simulate different scenarios to estimate the potential impact of adverse shocks to the system or gradual changes over time.

Demand-Driven Capabilities for Logistics

The information you obtain from your inventory not only provides cost savings opportunity and better lead times but it will also give your customers a better experience.

Focus on Core Competency in Logistics

Our objective is to make your organisation, the best it can be.  This means helping you focus on what your core competency is and making sure it is leveraged in all aspects of your strategy and culture in order to differentiate yourself from the competition.