Distribution & Fulfilment

Distribution & Fulfilment
Distribution & Fulfilment


In this era of “I want it now”, consumers expect to receive their products faster and through flawless delivery but at the same cost. Companies have to be more innovative and strategic to meet these expectations while also improving their profit margins.  Global trends, such as e-commerce, product proliferation, establishing close to customer regional fulfillment centers, and visibility to tracking products and services are the key challenges driving competition across industries may be overwhelming.


Our professionals understand and appreciate the complexity and rapid pace of the changing customer demands first hand and we help clients define their “customer promise” strategies and fulfillment solutions with results of 20% to 30% cost advantage amongst their peer group.


We offer the following services to assist drive performance in distribution and fulfillment:

  • Customer Segmentation Analysis and Business Service Model Design
  • Omni-Channel and Network Optimisation Strategy
  • Warehouse, Distribution and Fulfillment Center Operations Evaluation and Process Design
  • Fulfillment Analysis
  • 3PL and 4PL Selection, Implementation and Management
  • Order Capture and Warehouse Management Systems Implementation Support

To help you optimise distribution and fulfillment, we focus on 3 key areas – promise to the customer, harnessing flexibility and measure and incentives. 

Promise to Customer

We help you to define customer strategy and fulfillment solutions simultaneously (and iteratively). Strategies vary across customer type but promises act as a touchstone for customer vision throughout the organisation and help align your company to adjust fulfillment solutions in order to meet the customer commitments such as delivery speed commitments, product availability, free shipping costs and no hassle returns.

Harness Flexibility

We help you establish built-in flexibility in your distribution and fulfillment to addresses changes in your target customers, product availability and delivery speed.  This may include identifying strategic anchor sites for high demand or non-core regions that can service multiple customer types or increasing solution agility through external partners such third-party logistic providers (3PLs). 

Measure and Incentivise

We help you define and utilise metrics and incentives that directly align with your fulfillment objectives. This may include multichannel financial incentives such as having a set of common bonus metrics for both store associates and e-commerce warehouse colleagues.  We help you continuously adjust offerings to drive growth while balancing with profit performance.