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Protiviti's Governance Portal 

The right GRC solution for aligning sound governance with business performance.
Facing today’s unprecedented economic challenges while balancing sound governance with business performance requires powerful insights, proven delivery and enabling software.

The Governance Portal is a comprehensive software platform that integrates content and commonly accepted and proprietary frameworks with world-class consulting expertise that provides organizations with the visibility and insight needed to manage and mitigate critical risk and compliance issues today and in the future.

Protiviti delivers solutions that leverage the experience of our expert consultants who have worked with thousands of global clients. The Governance Portal has the built-in knowledge needed to deliver targeted GRC software solutions that address your immediate needs while facilitating convergence toward fully integrated, value-added GRC practices.

The integration of process, knowledge and technology helps clients quickly launch their GRC program, efficiently execute their plan, and easily sustain the process year after year and provides them the ability to drive deeper into more value-adding GRC issues.

Benefits of Using the Governance Portal

Customers choose Protiviti’s Governance Portal because it helps them:

  1. Start Quickly – Using the MS Excel-based content utility and leveraging out-of-the box GRC solutions, diagnostics to quickly determine the areas requiring focus, and templates to provide guidance, organizations are able to implement the Governance Portal with less deliberation and shorter lead times, thus reducing implementation costs. 
  2. Execute Efficiently – The proprietary GRC content within the Governance Portal provides industry normative guidance at no additional cost. Organizations just getting started or those well down the GRC track can use this information to benchmark and check the completeness of their analyses. 
  3. Create Sustainability – The Governance Portal adapts to your organization and allows you to maintain your GRC program requirements. Configuration allows you to personalize the system to your methodology and terminology so you can meet your specific business requirements. Through workflow, you can involve business users in the management of GRC. With easy-to-use templates you can create repeatability and predictability in your program. Year after year, the Governance Portal will help you optimize your GRC efforts.  
  4. Add Value - The Governance Portal is a complete GRC solution that supports the convergence of multiple GRC activities. Real-time reporting and dashboards provide your executives with a holistic view of your organization’s GRC efforts. Leveraging and sharing information within a single platform allows your GRC teams to collaborate more efficiently and focus on true operational challenges.

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