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GRC Technology Advisory Solutions

The governance, risk and compliance (GRC) space is replete with promises of how software technology will save time, reduce costs and improve decision-making. Yet many vendors elect to provide increasingly complex answers to your relatively simple question: How do we effectively manage risk and control information in a way that produces timely, meaningful reports?

Clearly, it’s a complicated landscape – and organizations are over-spending in the race to gain control and peace of mind.

Client Challenges
Regardless of industry or size, organizations are facing the same challenges and asking the same questions:

What are the pre-requisites for us to make best use of GRC software?

What software will best meet our needs?

What modules of the software do we need for our requirements?

How do we effectively implement the software?

How do incorporate new stakeholders within the same software?

How do we sustain and evolve our GRC program through continued enhancements to the software?

While organizations seek GRC convergence, they don’t necessarily want – and can’t necessarily use – a single application. The frameworks and methodologies they use to document, assess, validate and monitor their business often vary, and other factors may make it difficult for multiple stakeholders to utilize the same platform.  We know one size does not always fit all. 

How we help clients
Through our unique breadth of capability to deliver cost-effective GRC software via our analyst recognized Governance Portal, implement third party GRC solutions, or develop accelerated SharePoint GRC solutions, Protiviti takes a truly independent approach to recommending and implementing GRC technology.  We provide clients with the insight they need to weigh all their options and the capability to confidently implement the most useful technology at the right price based on program maturity and existing infrastructure to improve business processes that drive efficiency, enhance performance and reduce risk.

We can help you take the right buy, build, or best-of-breed approach to selecting and implementing transformative technologies that embed GRC best practices into your core business framework.


Take a Pragmatic Approach
Implementing and sustaining your multi-disciplinary GRC program requires significant investment.  That said, we hear of organizations consistently spending too much on software they are not yet ready to use.  Leading vendors do provide truly useful software that has rapidly matured over the last several years.  However, don’t be fooled into thinking that it is “ready to go”  out-of-the-box based on what you saw in a demo.  There is work to be done well before you implement.

We help clients understand what parts of their GRC program are ready for implementation, build roadmaps that emphasize time to value, and select & implement software that meets your current and future program objectives.

Leverage Your Existing Technology
Why reinvent the wheel?  Many organizations have already invested in IT infrastructure components (e.g. SharePoint) as well as GRC software solutions for various groups.  We help clients evaluate and use what they already have in place to develop a solution that provides useful information to various stakeholders and corporate wide reporting.

Layer in Capabilities as Needed
We help clients take an agile, phased approach to technology implementation.   We can help you establish a harmonized foundation to support your GRC tool roadmap which begins with key processes and expands to incorporate additional functionality and stakeholders as needed.  This allows you to optimize your technology investment based on program areas that are ready for implementation and to achieve near term value and real results.

Build a collaborative relationship with your vendor
Collaboration is key to achieving value and useful information from your GRC technology.  We partner with our clients, as well as third party software vendors, to provide our clients a true advisory partnership.  We help clients assess the current state of their GRC program, translate business requirements into technology functionality and to prepare them to make the most of their GRC technology investment now and in the future. 


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