Social Media Risk

Social media represents real opportunities and real risks and therefore demands a disciplined approach. The global social media landscape has changed dramatically in recent years and many companies are struggling to keep up. At Protiviti, we’re seeing a growing number of cases where firms have vague or out-of-date social media policies that are unenforceable if inappropriate activity takes place. With only a quarter of workers reporting that they have been provided with clear guidance regarding the use of social media sites, most organizations have room for improvement.

In our 2011 Social Media Survey of U.K. employees, we found that social media usage in the workplace has grown enormously in recent years with more than half (51%) of workers surveyed now claiming to engage with a social networking site while at work. Almost a third (30%) of workers use sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on a daily basis, while more than 5% do so several times an hour. 

To learn more about social media, consider these resources from Protiviti:

Webinar Replay - Social Media Opportunities and Risks – A Lifecycle Approach for the Enterprise (Registration Required). Download the presentation (PDF). This webinar includes:  

  1. An in-depth discussion of the social media implementation lifecycle
  2. Guidance for defining and aligning social media strategy with your business plans and defining expectations
  3. Tips for crafting effective policies and procedures
  4. An overview of risks and the regulatory/legal environment

You will come away with concrete guidance on implementing or improving your own social media programs.

Presenters: Cal Slemp, Protiviti Managing Director; Thomas Andreesen, Protiviti Managing Director; Ryan Rubin, Protiviti Director; and John Hollyoak, Protiviti Senior Manager.  Originally broadcast July 20, 2011. 

Social Media and Internet Policy and Procedure Failure – What’s Next? (PDF)
This Protiviti point of view discusses the inherent risks and management of social media and internet policy and procedures.

Managing Risk in a Social Media-Driven Society (PDF)
This comprehensive whitepaper provides an overview of social media benefits and risks as well as practical guidance on designing social media policies and executing an audit of social media use.

Podcast - Social Media Use in Companies – Managing the Risks Effectively
In this podcast, Protiviti Managing Directors Tom Andreesen and Cal Slemp discuss social media-related risks that companies must address. Cal and Tom are leaders within Protiviti's IT consulting practice. 

Data Security: Social Networking and the New Human Security Perimeter (PDF)
With increasing use of social media in the enterprise, the responsibility for security needs to shift from a technology-based focus to the people who comprise an organization. 

Managing Privacy Risk in a Social Media-Driven Society
In this presentation for the New York Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors, Global Security and Privacy leader Cal Slemp discusses examples of how organizations are using social media, ROI, security and privacy issues, scoping an audit, regulatory aspects, and numerous other helpful topics.


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