Keeping SAP Financial Processes Compliant

This white paper provides guidance on different steps that can help enhance SAP financial compliance processes through increasing the level of SAP automation around financial controls. Too many organizations perform financial and operational processes using inefficient manual controls, paper-based approvals and labor-intensive reviews of large volumes of data because not all relevant SAP configuration controls were correctly set up when the system was initially implemented.

Key benefits of optimizing controls and expanding the use of control automation include greater reliability of the financial systems, increased return on investment (ROI) for your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and a significant reduction in compliance costs and testing efforts.

To optimize financial controls, companies should start by:

• Gaining an understanding of their current control environment (level of manual versus automated controls)
• Identifying the business processes and controls that utilize SAP, and
• Assigning current SAP automated control configuration to identified control strengths, gaps and improvements as indicated in the steps discussed in this paper.