spend assessment; procurement assessment; procurement consultant; procurement professional

Sourcing & Procurement

Broader and Deeper Challenges; Bigger Improvement Opportunities
Sourcing & Procurement encompasses a broad and deep set of activities. By illuminating inefficiencies that exist throughout the entire purchase-to-pay lifecycle, Protiviti professionals help organizations quantify the value of these opportunities and then design and implement pragmatic solutions with sustainable benefits. 

Our experienced, cost-focused professionals possess comprehensive knowledge across, and within, all purchasing areas – knowledge that few organizations should pay to keep on staff. The procurement function’s bottom-line impact to the company serves as the foundation of all the work, and value, we provide. We deliver our proven methodologies, and structure our collaborations, in ways that make (dollars and) sense for each company. 

Our services include:

  1. Spend Analysis
  2. Strategic Sourcing
  3. Sourcing & Procure-to-Pay Process
  4. Organizational Design
  5. Third-Party Risk Management
  6. Compliance Management
  7. Supplier Relationship
  8. Contract Management
  9. Procurement System Evaluation & Design
  10. Category Management
  11. Supplier Master File Analysis
  12. P2P Fraud Indicator Analysis

Completing the Value Picture
Spend assessments and sourcing improvements comprise a common, but partial, list of procurement’s value opportunities. Inefficiencies flourish throughout procurement’s disciplines -- strategic sourcing, contract management, category management, and transaction management – as well as organizational design, performance metrics, talent management, and operational enablement. These areas routinely possess equal or greater improvement opportunities compared to spend assessment and sourcing.
We combine our expertise, experience, proprietary data-analytics and benchmarking information to quantify these opportunities and then design and deliver solutions whose impacts go directly to the bottom line. We look forward to answering questions about your opportunities and about how long we’ve been doing this work and who we work with.