Professional Bio

Mike Purvis
Managing Director
Professional Background
Mike has more than 18 years experience in governance, risk management and assurance, both in practice and industry. Mike’s experience has included the design of risk management approaches, the integration of risk into the day-to-day planning and decision making activities of the business and the transformation and operation of risk and internal audit functions to increase their impact and deliver to the demanding expectations of their stakeholders. Prior to joining Protiviti Mike was a partner in the Ernst & Young Advisory Practice.
Major Projects

Development of risk management framework for a Private Equity Group
Design and implementation of a framework to support the specific needs of a private equity business and the companies operating within their fund structure. The framework mirrored the business cycle (and the specific aspects of the private equity value chain) and ensured risks were managed at a portfolio and investment level and risk expectations were defined for the operating companies to support the achievement of the investment thesis.


Risk advice and support for a major insurance company
Provision of risk management and change advice to a major insurance company as they designed and implemented their approach to operational risk management and the introduction of a technology solution to facilitate and support the process globally. The advice has been provided over an extended period to support the development of their strategy for operational risk, the design of the supporting framework (including risk and control assessments, internal/ external losses, key risk indicators and scenarios), the specification and selection of the technology solution and the change management activities required to support its introduction.


Review of risk and assurance model for two major Australian banks
Evaluation of their risk and assurance frameworks, including assessment, benchmarking and gap analysis activities, to determine their position relative to peers and identify opportunities to improve their maturity. The reviews considered operating structures, roles and responsibilities, frameworks, methods and tools and culture and identified positive opportunities for the risk and internal audit functions to add more value at a reduced cost.