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Policy & Strategy Communications

Protiviti’s communication and training group, Creative Options (www.creativeop.com), helps companies react to change by dealing effectively with shifts in strategy, organizational structure, policies or business processes.

In a rapidly changing operating environment, there is a presumption that the most successful organizations are the most adaptive and resilient in the face of change. The initial idea of change can be unsettling for a workforce comfortable in its established routine. That is why effective communication underlies every successful change effort. A behavior-focused approach creates sustainable change. It helps workers modify the way they feel and think about their jobs by aligning attitudes and behaviors with system and process changes, as well as the overall company direction.

Combining risk management and communication design expertise, Protiviti’s Communication and Policy professionals are able to help companies manage change and communicate compliance programs in the following areas:

  1. Environmental Health and Safety: Prevent accidents and reduce workers’ compensation and general liability costs with a risk-conscious culture.
  2. Fraud Risk Management: Create a culture of honesty and integrity that reflects the organization's code of conduct.
  3. Information Technology (IT) Security Risk Management: Secure sensitive information and prevent social engineering attacks through a heightened security consciousness.
  4. Loss Prevention: Strengthen profitability by engaging the individual employee in shrink reduction efforts.
  5. Energy Management: Create a proactive stance towards sustainability by engaging employees in energy conservation efforts.
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