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Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing

Protiviti’s Loss Prevention professionals deliver outsourced or co-sourced loss prevention solutions that allow companies to optimize their loss prevention organizational structure and enhance profitability.

With losses in the billions, and limitations on budgets and staff resources, companies are challenged to find the best return on their loss prevention investments. To do so, they must have a clear understanding of the function’s performance and choose between focusing their loss prevention initiatives in-house or developing a partnership that will suit their unique needs.

A Protiviti outsourced or co-sourced relationship allows a client to leverage our knowledge repository, while providing access to individuals with specialized skills that might otherwise be expensive and difficult to attract. Clients also gain access to our consultants’ depth of experience, and benefit from attaining these services at rates well below the cost of maintaining a traditional proprietary loss prevention department.

Full outsourcing is beneficial to an organization without an in-house loss prevention team. A senior member of the Protiviti Loss Prevention team acts as your Loss Prevention Director and reports to a senior-level executive within your company.

Co-sourcing is a means of augmenting your existing loss prevention team with desired specialists. Our consultants specialize in all areas of loss prevention. Whether you need an exception reporting analyst to support your field team, a corporate trainer to develop specific competencies, field operational auditors, or skilled investigators to resolve theft concerns, Protiviti has the professional experience to meet your needs. ​

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