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“More control… with fewer controls”
It is increasingly difficult to separate business change from IT change. In today’s fast-moving IT environment, new opportunities are seized by organizations that are agile and able to respond quickly.
The IT landscape is increasingly complex and risky. Mobile, social and cloud technologies extend the business outside corporate firewalls, creating, in effect, a “shadow” IT department. Data is an enterprise asset, raising risk management and compliance pressures. Increased dependence on third parties complicates operating models further. Adding to these complexities are expectations for exceptional IT performance – from your workforce, your business partners and your customers. There is an unprecedented dependence on technology – and tremendous consequences when it fails.
According to our 2014 IT Priorities Survey, 63 percent of organizations are undergoing a major IT transformation. The full impact of these changes and their associated risks are often not transparent, particularly at the board and executive management level. Of particular importance is understanding how new and emerging technologies translate into business risk.

Key Insights from 2014 Protiviti IT Priorities Survey

  1. IT Governance and Risk Management was highlighted as the highest risk area for CIOs and IT organizations.
  2. Managing the risks associated with dependence on third parties was highlighted as a critical risk for organizations in 2014.
  3. Few organizations have access to good management information to assess and quantify the business risks arising from utilization of technology.
  4. Lack of agility and the resulting inability to respond to potentially disruptive technologies is a major concern to business leaders.​

How We Can Help
We believe an effective approach to IT governance brings together IT strategic planning, IT risk management and vendor risk management with broader enterprise risk management activities. Specifically, it allows you to articulate technology risk in the context of the overall enterprise and deliver a stronger “big-picture” view of it to the board, management and key stakeholders.
Protiviti’s IT Governance & Risk Management professionals help organizations design and implement effective operating models to manage technology risk. Our unique and integrated approach enables organizations to better understand the true business impact of risks arising from an organization’s dependence on technology. This in turn leads to better prioritization of risk mitigation activities, focusing efforts on the things that matter most. The end result for many organizations is “more control, with fewer controls.”
Our IT Risk Management solutions help organizations anticipate and respond more quickly to potential risk events, whether arising from within the organizations or from emergence of new competitors or potentially disruptive technologies.
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  2. Data Governance
  3. Vendor Risk Management
  4. Security and Privacy
  5. IT Strategy and Architecture
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