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IT Governance & Risk Management

Protiviti’s IT Governance & Risk Management professionals deliver solutions that help companies define the requirements of their IT organization, determine the associated cost of delivery and understand the alignment of these requirements with business needs.

Whether an organization is expanding, contracting, merging or maintaining a steady market position, executives across all industries are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of aligning IT investments and priorities with business objectives.

Lack of IT responsiveness to changing business objectives, a failure to understand the role of IT in the organization, IT strategy not being aligned with business goals, outdated technology infrastructure and a lack of clear information about IT’s performance are all factors contributing to an ineffective IT organization. The failure to manage change via a project portfolio management approach and IT risk management has a significant impact on IT's effectiveness and its contributions to the organization.

Our consultants are able to help you implement processes that seek to maximize – in a controlled and cost-effective manner – the value IT provides to the organization. Through the use of key indicators and accurate management information, we can help you to design an IT department that will be able to continually measure its performance and demonstrate its effectiveness to the wider organization.

Our solutions include:

  1. IT Benchmarking
  2. IT Due Diligence​
  3. IT Governance
  4. IT Compliance
  5. Data Governance / Structures
  6. IT Risk Management​
  7. Spreadsheet Risk Management
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