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Fraud Risk Management

Protiviti’s Fraud Risk Management consultants help organizations build a solid infrastructure for evaluating, mitigating and monitoring their risk of fraud and misconduct.

Understanding vulnerabilities to fraud and misconduct is essential in today's global marketplace, as regulators are demanding more active management of fraud risk. With the average U.S. organization losing an estimated 5 percent of its annual revenue to fraud*, shareholders are increasingly interested in fraud risk management to help protect the bottom line.

Our Fraud Risk Management consultants assist organizations with building sustainable fraud risk assessment processes and developing anti-fraud programs and controls to meet fiduciary and regulatory responsibilities. We support organizations in their efforts to prevent and detect fraud risk at every level, from fraud risk governance and employee training to fraud audits and fraud monitoring programs. 

Our solutions include development, assessment and collaboration on:

  1. Fraud Control Policy
  2. Fraud Risk Committees
  3. Anti-fraud Programs
  4. Fraud Risk Assessment
  5. Corruption and FCPA Risk Evaluation
  6. Fraud Risk Awareness Programs
  7. Fraud Prevention Controls
  8. Fraud Detection Controls
  9. Investigation and Response Protocols
  10. Fraud Audits
  11. Fraud Risk Monitoring

*2008 Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Inc., 2008.​​

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