e-discovery; electronic discovery; e-discovery consulting


Protiviti’s Electronic Discovery professionals help organizations institute a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve their electronic discovery (e-discovery) capabilities.

PEARLTM — Protiviti Joins Pillsbury's E-discovery Alliance Resource Leaders

The pain and drain of e-discovery continues to have an impact on both the top and bottom lines. Every year, nine out of 10 companies are pulled into lawsuits or investigations. On average, an organization spends more than 70 percent of its entire legal budget on litigation and regulatory actions. In a lawsuit, the discovery phase alone can represent over 50 percent of the total litigation costs, with e-discovery consuming more than half of that budget.

Our professionals provide services in the full spectrum of event-driven to process-driven environments around the world.

Event-driven. Getting ahead by reducing costs and consequences. The ability to respond quickly and decisively is critical to protecting enterprise value. When faced with a lawsuit or regulatory action, our consultants provide just-in-time resources with deep, relevant skills to meet the demands of e-discovery. Working with in-house and outside counsel, Protiviti can help establish and execute:

  1. E-discovery strategies (defense and offense)
  2. Electronically stored information (ESI) metrics and analysis
  3. Methodology to identify, preserve, collect, analyze, process and produce ESI
  4. Document review protocols and staffing
  5. On-demand e-discovery process and project management
  6. Expert testimony

Process-driven. Staying ahead by driving sustainability. The ability to sustain improvements in business processes is critical to enhancing enterprise value. Establishing defensible processes in everyday operations goes beyond responding to e-discovery demands on a project or event-driven basis. Our global team of professionals brings the necessary mix of industry and subject-matter experience, compliance and governance expertise and technology skills critical to driving sustainability. Working with key business units and stakeholders, Protiviti can help evaluate and implement the following:

  1. Discovery risk management program
  2. Litigation readiness and effectiveness program
  3. E-discovery readiness and effectiveness program
  4. E-discovery technology and process integration
  5. In-house, co-sourced and outsourced e-discovery functions
  6. Records retention and disposition programs
  7. Data security and governance programs
  8. Ongoing compliance monitoring, training and change management programs