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ERP Selection & Solution Design

The implementation of a new ERP system defines the foundation of how an organization executes and manages its business. Selecting and implementing ERP systems is complex and risky. Organizations surveyed in Panorama Consulting Solutions’ 2012 ERP Report revealed that 54 percent of ERP implementation initiatives took longer than expected and 56 percent were over budget.1 The definition of organizational and process scope, selection of software and an implementation partner, and the determination of hosting and ongoing support strategies together establish the framework for success in an ERP implementation project.

Selecting and designing the ERP platform for tomorrow’s business is more than just a process of executing a standard methodology. It requires a team with knowledge of ERP systems and standard business process models that can rapidly envision future-state scenarios, effectively mapping desired future state to ERP capabilities, guiding management through a difficult decision, and defining an implementation scope and plan that can be executed with confidence. Protiviti’s ERP Selections and Solution Design team has these skills as well as the proven tools and intellectual property to execute these initiatives.

Our ERP Selections and Solution Design services includes these components:

  1. A comprehensive set of Best Practice Business Process Models for different industries; Functional and Technical Evaluation Criteria/Questionnaires; Vendor Assessment Scorecard; Solution Design Architecture Models; and a Total Cost of Ownership calculator.
  2. Selection methodology and approach that stimulate ERP providers to showcase the value of their solutions.
  3. Experienced and independent consultants, ensuring realistic and unbiased opinions and recommendations of ERP vendors and system integrators. 

1 See Panorama Consulting Solutions 2012 ERP Report  

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