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Business Intelligence

Protiviti’s Business Intelligence professionals help management improve strategic decision-making and operational and financial reporting through the use of available and new data resources.

Time to market is one of the key differentiators for companies today, but the data needed for strategic and operational decision-making is often stored in multiple applications, databases, spreadsheets and platforms. According to recent analysis, "Between year-end 2006 and year-end 2012, Global 1000 organizations will experience a threefold increase in data, content and application quality issues.” This challenge poses a considerable risk to companies that increasingly leverage their evolving data ecosystems to provide a competitive advantage, improve operational efficiencies and meet compliance requirements. In addition, regulatory pressures are placing increased business risk on the reporting of financial results. Preparation efforts are being condensed into smaller time windows. Meanwhile, prolonged closing or planning cycles, changing business environments, outdated IT systems, mergers and acquisitions and rapid growth can all make it more difficult to create accurate reports.

Our Business Intelligence consultants blend business acumen with technology skills to deliver uniquely efficient solutions across an organization's functional areas and initiatives. We work with clients to establish the strategic and operational information needed to make informed decisions and report on "one version of the truth" at the pace the market demands and to determine the key performance indicators that drive business outcomes. We help you streamline the acquisition, assimilation and reporting of financial and operational information through the adoption of standardized procedures and appropriate technology. Our experienced Business Intelligence professionals can help your business units focus on the analysis and integrity of information rather than the mechanical steps needed to produce various reports. 

Our services include:

  1. Data warehouses
  2. Functional data marts
  3. Enterprise reporting infrastructures
  4. Executive dashboards


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