business continuity management; BCM; business impact analysis; business impact assessment

Business Continuity Management 

Protiviti’s Business Continuity Management (BCM) service offers solutions to organizations to assist them in the analysis, development and implementation of comprehensive business continuity plans to ensure the availability of critical business processes.

An increasing number of organizations and their executive management are recognizing the need for continuity planning, resiliency and crisis management as part of an overall risk management program. Many governmental – and virtually all regulatory – bodies around the globe have recognized and incorporated business continuity and crisis management planning into their requirements. Investors, as well as boards of directors, are increasingly interested in management's capability to continue critical operations through a disruption and their plans to ensure a resilient enterprise.

Our approach to BCM is business-oriented and based upon the risks related to an organization’s key business-process drivers. We focus on the analysis and evaluation of strategies, development of approaches, and testing and implementation of plans that meet an organization’s continuity needs from a people, processes and IT infrastructure perspective. Our business continuity approach incorporates industry best practices and is constantly monitored to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

Key continuity plan components:

  1. Crisis Management & Communications 
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