​​​Top 10 Risks:

1. Regulatory changes and heightened regulatory scrutiny may affect the manner of production or delivery of products or services

2. Economic conditions may significantly restrict growth opportunities

3. Cyber threats have the potential to disrupt core operations and/or damage brand

4. Succession challenges and the ability to attract and retain top talent may limit the ability to achieve operational targets

5. Organization's culture may not sufficiently encourage timely identification and escalation of risk issues that can affect core operations or damage brand

6. Resistance to change may restrict necessary adjustments to the business model and core operations

7. Privacy/identity management and information security/system protection will require significant resources

8. Not sufficiently prepared to manage an unexpected crisis significantly impacting reputation

9. Sustaining customer loyalty and retention may be increasingly difficult due to evolving customer preferences 

10. Existing operations not able to meet performance expectations related to quality, time to market, cost and innovation as well as competitors







Executive Perspectives on Top Risks for 2015

Protiviti partnered with North Carolina’s State University’s ERM Initiative to conduct our third-annual Executive Perspectives on Top Risks Survey and obtained the views of more than 275 board members and C-suite executives about risks that are likely to affect their organization in 2015.

Overall, the survey findings suggest that while the business environment in 2015 will be somewhat less risky than in the previous two years, most of the business leaders surveyed indicated that they are more likely to invest in additional risk management resources in 2015.

Survey Report Infographic
2014 Internal Audit Capabilities and Needs Survey

Executive Perspectives on Top Risks for 2015

2014 Internal Audit Capabilities and Needs Infographic

​Summary of Key Findings and Top 10 Risks

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Key Findings ​ ​
​Overall, survey responses suggest a global business environment in 2015 that is somewhat less risky for organizations than it was in the previous two years.
​There are growing concerns about operational risk issues.
​Regulatory change and heightened regulatory scrutiny continues to represent the top overall risk for the third consecutive year for most organizations.
Economic conditions in domestic and international markets stabilized at 2014 levels, but this risk is again highly ranked.
Concerns about cyber threats disrupting core operations are now ranked in the top five for 2015, and as the top operational risk overall and for the largest organizations.
​Succession challenges and the ability to attract and retain talent made the top five risk list for all sizes of organizations.
​Organization’s culture not supporting timely risk identification and escalation ranked this risk (new to this year’s survey) as a top five risk concern.
​Boards of directors, CEOs and other members of the executive team report differing views of the top risk exposures facing their organizations.
​CFOs and CAEs perceive a riskier environment.

Because of the rapid pace of change in the global business environment, executives and boards of directors can benefit from a periodic assessment of risks on the horizon to best position their organizations for a proactive versus reactive response to risks that emerge and potentially impact their ability to achieve profitability and funding objectives. We therefore conclude our report with suggested questions that executives and boards should consider as they evaluate their risk assessment process.

We hope this report provides important insights about perceived risks on the horizon for 2015 and serves as a catalyst for an updated assessment of risks and risk management capabilities within organizations.


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