An Electricity Retailer appoints Protiviti for a Comprehensive Review of their Energy Trading Function


  Client Challenge  
​Our client is an energy retailer that provides electricity related services to more than 600,000 franchise customers in Australia across over 100,000 kilometres of powerlines. Their challenge is to balance the interests of a range of stakeholders and to improve the existing internal infrastructure and strategy of their Energy Trading Function.
​For this engagement the client identified several key areas to be investigated. These were:
  1. Risk appetite and it’s alignment throughout the group.
  2. Risk metrics such as Value at Risk and their appropriateness.
  3. Governance in decision making and the handling of policy breaches.
  4. Trading strategy execution.
  5. Pricing models and their assumptions.
​By utilising both our local and international energy expertise Protiviti was able to benchmark the Energy Trading Function’s performance against industry peers and against Management’s own strategic goals. Our work provided a point in time assessment of the group and a roadmap to the most significant risks faced by the business.

How We Help Companies Succeed
Protiviti’s energy professionals have deep expertise in a diverse range of energy related fields such as commodities trading, credit, model validation and quantitative risk analytics. By bringing together the right skills for our clients needs we can provide insightful problem solving solutions.
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