Webinar: Mapping your strategic course - IPO or M&A?
This webinar is designed exclusively for companies considering an IPO or M&A by framing these liquidity events in the context of a long-term strategic planning for a growing company.
A panel of experts from Oracle, Yelp, and Protiviti discusses a roadmap to complete a successful IPO or M&A transaction, including key strategic considerations from processes to people and technology.  Hear a recent IPO perspective from Yelp’s CFO, Rob Krolik and the corporate buyer side from Oracle’s SVP of Finance, Eric Ball.
This 65-minute webinar will address questions such as:
• Key considerations for companies contemplating to go public and/or preparing for acquisition?
• Common and subtle issues to consider when acquiring or being acquired – lessons learned?
• Specific strategies to consider in Finance, Governance, and Technology functions?
• Operating at optimal capacity to keep up with demand without impacting growth?
• Top infrastructure issues and how do you justify spend without an ROI?
Here are some comments from past participants:
Great job! Thanks for the coherent, well-thought out presentation. Good to hear both the theory and the practice…
Great information! The team has terrific experience and I appreciate your willingness to share it.
Excellent discussion of IPO process and readiness.
Great, informative, and well-organized webinar. Thank you.
For questions, contact Korina Park at (415) 402-6912 or korina.park@protiviti.com.
Webinar Details
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65 Minutes
Eric Ball
Senior Vice President, Finance, Oracle

Rob Krolik
CFO, Yelp
Steve Hobbs
Managing Director, Protiviti


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