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Cal Slemp
Managing Director
Security, Program & Policy Solutions

Jeffrey Sanchez
Managing Director
Data, Security & Privacy Solutions​

Michael Walter
Managing Director
Security Operations Centers

Rocco Grillo
Managing Director
Incident Response & Forensics

Ryan Rubin
Managing Director
Identity & Access Management

Scott Laliberte
Managing Director
Vulnerability & Penetration Testing 

With the recent plethora of cyber attacks and data breaches, prevailing wisdom suggests companies are working diligently to “get their houses in order.” But findings from Protiviti’s latest IT Security and Privacy Survey suggest otherwise.

Top 5 key findings:

1. Board engagement is a key differentiator in the strength of IT security profiles
​2. ​There remains a surprising lack of key “core” data policies
​3. ​Organizations lack high confidence in their ability to prevent a cyber attack or data breach
​4. ​Not all data is equal
​5. Still unprepared for a crisis


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